RE:[sap-log-sd] Changed Costing ID to B for EK02 to Run it Automatically

Posted by Dutch
on Nov 21 at 12:47 AM
This is not really my area, but the MTO-cost should be recorded on the accounting document when you post goods issue. I would think that standard SAP then copies this actual cost to the subsequent billing document. So there would be no need to manually update the EK02-condition on the sales order.
Perhaps someone else can provide a more definitive answer.

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From: sarah khan
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 12:28 AM
Subject: Changed Costing ID to B for EK02 to Run it Automatically

Hello All,

We are running MTO strategy and for that i have to run EK02 automatically . Condition type EK02 is Mandatory in Pricing Procedure.

These are some settings that i did in Requirement Class for Costing and Account Assignment.
Requirement Class ---> 040 MkToOrderNoValW/o Cons.

1: Costing = X
2 Costing ID = B
3 Costing Method = 1
4 Costing Varient = ZXX2
5 CondTypeLItems = EK02
6 Account Assignment Category = M
7 Valuation = M

Once I create sales order this estimation cost come from production BOM and when we make sale order and if we have EK02 in pricing procedure we need to run costing on line item which generate and get cost from BOM and populate in pricing for reference and reporting. What am I suppose to do in order to run Ek02 automatically?


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