RE:[sap-log-sd] Negative ATP - Confirm Orders Based on Real Stock

Posted by naughtybudgie (consultant)
on Nov 10 at 6:46 PM
ATP = Available To Promise.

You have basically stated you are unable to be accurate in your promise due to Goods receipt not being performed or damaged goods arriving.

You need to look at your business process.

1. Why is goods receipt not being performed?
2. Why are you getting enough damaged stock to not be able to accurately promise your customers?

My suggestion: fix the process if you can or switch it off as Dutch said.


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From: Sunsam31
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Subject: Negative ATP - Confirm Orders Based on Real Stock

We have a situation in SD where we confirm orders based on real stock plus incoming POs.
in ATP. When creating a delivery same thing. ATP recognize stock on hand plus PO"s. In case a PO does not get posted GR or if stock got damaged if happens that we have more deliveries created ( more stock confirmed than available) than real stock ( over confirmation or negative ATP). In a situation like this its not even possible to PGI the deliveries we have stock on hand unless we resolve the negative ATP / over confirmation by deleting deliveries or change delivery date ( staging date). Any Idea how to resolve this manual work. Why is SAP checking against cumulated requirements when PGI is done. Is there a setting in SPRO ?

Thanks, Ronald

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