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Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 4 at 4:20 AM
Hi syamala m,

Thank you for your post / question.

There are two parts to the answer -
Part 1 - Business requirement and process flow -
This manufacturing company manufactures Sample goods two times in a year. This is done just before agreements are finalized (between this company and its major customers). During these two times in a year, samples have to be send - as per the goods manufactured - to various customers.
The Order entry staff do NOT want to create sample orders. They feel that it is every work.
- Thus business suggests that the WH admin staff directly create delivery (with delivery type Z1LO without reference), then picking and PGI is done
- when PGI is done automatically a proforma invoice (type Z1F8) must be printed. This shall be taken by the truck driver to the ShipTo (unloading address). One copy shall be signed and brought back by the truck driver to the manufacturing company.
- The manufacturing company shall keep track of these sample goods with the help of Delivery note, Transfer order and Proforma invoice
- This process is not relevant for pricing, it is not relevant for billing, it is not relevant for availability check

Part 2 - Technical settings in SAP for the above mentioned process -
- Delivery type Z1LO shall be created, in 0vlk (zeroVLK), copy of LO
- in Z1LO, the field Default order type shall be Z1DL. In VOV8, in Z1DL, field Delivery related billing = Z1F8
- The item category for this sales document type = Z1DN, here field Relevant for billing = A delivery related billing, Pricing = Blank, Relevant for schedule line = ticked (activated)
- in VOV4, order type Z1DL is assigned to item category Z1DN
- The schedule line category is ZN (copy of CN), here movt type = 601, deactivated for Availability check
- In VOV5, item category Z1DN is assigned to schedule line ZN
- In VTFL, copy control from Delivery --> Billing, set up Z1DL --> Z1F8

Thus with these settings, WH adimin staff can create deliveries without sales order, can do picking and PGI.
(for your testing) in VF01, give delivery # and then press Save, you shall get a billing document of type Z1F8 (proforma based on delivery)

Without linking a delivery type (without reference) to a sales document type - you can NOT get default billing type

Without linking a delivery type (without reference) to a item category - you can do billing or pricing or creation of schedule lines

Without linking a delivery type (without reference) to a schedule line category- you can NOT get movt type, that means inventory management shall NOT take place.
E.g. if movt. type is Blank, and you have done PGI of 100EA, these 100EA shall not be deducted from the inventory (from that plant and that storage location)

If you have any more questions, please inform us.

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Hi Mr. Typewriter,

As mentioned in your question, I am aware of the first method of providing free goods, but how does the second method work, i.e. without creating sales order, doing LO. Do we change the details in the billing for the second type. Please let me know the procedure as I would like to work it out on my PC.


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