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Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 14 at 4:08 AM
Yes Rajan did make an interesting remark. Thereby clearing the error.

That basically is the different between a discount and a rebate "discount". Rebate discount in given in retrospect (i.e. later not at the time of sale).

Furthermore, if you take rebate as %, then it depends upon the Net value; thus if Net value = 100$ or if it is 90$, the calculation of rebate discount and accrual would be different. Also in a rebate agreement, Sales volume - for a particular period - is accumulated thus here to sales volume would differ if your Net value is 100$ or it is 90$.

To understand rebate, read the IMG documentation in IMG>SD>Billing>Rebate Processing

If you want to go for rebate condition type as % then check standard configuration take a look at BO01, also see V/06, calculation type for this cond type.
The access sequence BO01 assigned to BO01, and the condition tables CMR, MMR and CMR, Rebate group in the access sequence, V/07
Rebate agreement 0001

In short, as per the information seen currently, your requirement can be fulfilled by using standard (already available) settings in Rebate.

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Subject: Functionality that Supports the Discount Rebate

Thank you Rajan.

You are right, the numbers given is incorrect, the customer will be invoiced for 100$ and at month end credited for 10$.
Please explain more (or point me to the reference source) abount setting up a rebate condition as an amount per material unit, what my team has investigated and found out so far is setting up condition as percentage of invoice amount.

Greatly appreciate your advice

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