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Posted by Sirithorn
on Nov 14 at 3:33 AM

Thank you, your are correct. I have got the numbers incorrect, the customer will be invoiced at 100$ and will get 10$ credit note at month end. Could you please explain more about setting up a rebate condition as an amount per material unit - as our team have tried to investigate the rebate function and what we've seen is only setting up the condicution in percentage of invoicing amount

Thanks very much

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From: Sirithorn Svet
Sent: Sunday, November 13, 2011 9:54 PM
Subject: Functionality that Supports the Discount Rebate

Is there any functionality in SD that supports the discount rebate (in amount) as follows :
Discount is given to a particular customer for a particular product in amount, not by percentage, e.g. product A, price 100$ per unit, discount 10$ per unit.
For example, when the customer place an order of 1 unit of product A, an invoice will be posted with 90$ goes to account receivable and 10$ credited to an accrual account.
Ay the end of the month, the outstanding amount in the accrual account will be settled and credited the customer.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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