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Hi Pamela,

I can attempt to answer your qns.

1. While doing a Sales Order, it is only tentative that the materials might be available for delivery on that date, but actual delivery will happen only on a scheduled date ahead.

For example, on 8/11/11 I create a Sales Order for delivery dated 15/11/11 for 500 items of M1. As on 8/11/11, if I have an inventory stock of say 700 items, the sales order will be approved, BUT after 8/11/11 and before 15/11/11, I can have other rush orders or high-priority customer requests and compared to the original sales order that I have processed for 500, the other ones may be important from a customers' point of view. So, if inbetween I order for 400 materials, my inventory stock will be going down from 700 to 700-400 = 300. So, on delivery date 15/11/11, I will have only 300 stock. So, if I go ahead without doing an AVC in the delivery based on the sales order confirmation, then I would be committing a blunder right?

In that case, why would I need to do a check in the Sales Order? Wont AVC in delivery suffice? NO. because, we need to confirm in the first place, if goods are available or not. If they are not available on 8/11/11, then I need to consider the ATP quantity, ie. Warehouse stock - Outgoing stock + Incoming stock, which will confirm the AVC in the sales order. So, I NEED to do an AVC both in SOrder and in Delivery. I hope this qn. is clarified.

2. Rescheduling happens in the case of backorders.
Suppose there stock available is 1000 and I have already processed two sales orders:
a] first sales order

no. mat qty del date
10 1418 500 11/11/11

b] sencond sales order

no. mat qty del date
10 1418 300 9/11/11
I am only left with 200 items in the inventory.

Now I need to process a sales order for qty. 500 for 8/11/11, then i need to adjust the stock of the first sales order so that I can process this request urgently. We could imagine that the stock may be replinished later for the first sales order, but as of now, the reqt. is that I need to do backorder processing so that I can do the urgent delivery and put hte first sales order for 500 'on hold'.

3. For delivery scheduling, we need to consider the following dates:
Order Date Material Availability Date Transportation Planning Date
Loading Date Goods Issue Date Requested Delivery Date

The system determines the date for each process/function, ie. considering the material availability date, no. of days needed for loading and transportation, it confirms when the goods can be issued.

Suppose, there is an order which says, delivery date is on 15/11/11.

The no. of days reqd. for loading : 1
No. of days for transportation - 3
Theoritically the GI Date should be Delivery date - No. of days for loading and transportation, i.e. 15/11/11 - 4 days, ie. 11/11/11.

But, if Material Availability Date - 12/11/11, then the GI Date cannot be 11/11/11, but 12/11/11. So, there is a difference between Planned GI Date and Actual GI Date.

Finally, if stock is available, there is no reason to defer it in the first place. All this is only when the stock is NOT available.

Kindly correct me if I have gone wrong in my explanations....

Thanks n regards,

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I have few questions as follows:-

1) The sales order passes the requirements to MRP.If that is the case, then why the delivery (for same sales order ) also passes the requirement to MRP.

2) I could not understand the concept of res-scheduling of deliveries from Can someone pls explain.

3) How can the planned goods issue date and actual goods issue date be different. if the stock is available but we if defer the PGI, don't you think that stock can be taken away by some other sales order/delivery ?


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