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Posted by Typewriter
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Hi Syamala, Sarat,

Many thanks for your inputs! I too think that existence of two billing types G2 and RE is for clear differentiation / demarcation. The business can get reports as to how much was payed back to the customer for complaints by customer returning the goods and how much was payed back to the customer because of credit memo process.

Furthermore, with two billing types, the possibility of having different number range is possible, having different text determination procedures is possible. E.g. in return process for RE billing document text is extracted from order, but for credit memo process that is not the case. In this case a way could be to have two different text determination procedures.

To take this concept of "easy of differentitation" by have more entities - Businesses have multiple pricing procedures because it helps in keeping things simple, for different processes.
For OTC process PP1, for RE process PP2 which has condition types of PP1 without the tax condition types (or and maybe other condition types too)

Why are there so many Material types, we could have had one of fewer. But several material types help in clear demarcation.

ps - I have marked your posts as helpful.

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Hi Experts,

I have tried to compare both 1. G2 n RE and 2. f5 and f8 but could not figure out exactly why the duplication is required in SAP. But probably with my little knowledge, I am trying to imagine that these are probably duplicated to clearly demarcate the two different processes to avoid confusion. Kindly let me know if I am getting it correct.

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