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Posted by Dutch
on Nov 6 at 6:09 PM
Hi TW,
In listings such as VFX3 you'll find that a G2 is described as a "order-related billing document" and a RE as a "delivery-related biling document". This is part of the non-configurable definition of the billing type. Also compare F5 and F8 (they are both pro formas, why have two?).

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Subject: Billing Types G2 and RE

In VOFA, I compared billing type RE with G2, I donot see any differences, apart from description. Then why can we not have only G2 or RE?

Currently in standard SAP we have –
CR --> G2
RE --> LR, RE --> RE

With this change, in SAP we would have –
CR --> G2
RE --> LR, RE --> G2

Thank you for your help!

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