RE:[sap-log-sd] Avialability Check is not Happening for Material

Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 14 at 12:23 PM

Thank you for this post! I have marked it as helpful.

One comment to add to your recent post - If in MMR, Tab MRP3, availability check (checking group) is set as KP No check.
In the sales order the icon Item availability (glass with a balance scale) is clicked, then the message got is "Availability check was carried out" (the screen doesNOT change to the availability overview screen).

The system is saying "Availability check was carried out" but actually it wasn't carried out. Is my conclusion correct?

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Subject: Avialability Check is not Happening for Material

From the sales order, if you click on the icon to display availability (glasses with a balance scale), and nothing happens, then atp is not happening. If you get the availability overview screen, then atp is happening.

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