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Posted by SAP_OTC (SD)
on Nov 1 at 11:25 AM
Hi Typewriter, the Order Reason identifies why the User is creating a Product Request, which is basically sending the Customer goods free of charge.

That reason determines whether that Product Request should be Taxable (Material Tax Classification) or not, it also determines what Schedule Line Category to be proposed.

By default, Tax Classification defaults to "1", depending on the Order Reason we change that to a "0" or a "4". By default Schedule Line Category will be "CP", depending on the Order Reason we change that to one of three possible values. Each one of those Schedule Line Categories point to a specific Movement Type which in turn go to a specific G/L Account for Inventory Postings.

I did set up the Order Reason in the Incompletion Procedure to send a Warning; but in some cases I think the User is typing to fast that they just press Enter to pass the Warning and keep entering what they have to enter in the document and SAP will tell them again before saving that they haven't entered the Order Reason and they will; but at that point in time, the enhancement doesn't go back to the Z Table to determine what Tax Classification and Schedule Line Category it should propose for the Items.

No, the User doesn't go back to manually update the values right then and there. They eventually will once they run into issues when trying to PGI, as they get FI Postings errors.

So, like you suggested, I could turn on the indicator not to save the Document if something is incomplete; but that's really not the problem.

Either I find a way to issue an error, so they enter the Order Reason either before entering the Items or at least before moving away from that initial screen or I would need to double check via a User-Exit before actually saving if the Items were correctly updated.

If you have any other idea please let me know.

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Why did you not think of "selecting" an already mandatory field in the sales order e.g. ShipTo or Plant or Shipping point? Why did you go for Order Reason?

What are those two other values (fields) that get triggered? In the current scenario, when the user fills in Order reason "late", and thereby the two fields are not populated, does user manually have to fill in these values?

Thank you for sharing!

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