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Posted by Nishi27486 (Ms )
on Nov 23 at 11:14 PM
Hi Harsha,
You can also check table like A305 wherein you can pass the Application as
V-Sales and Distribution and the condition type to pull the values set.


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Hi Harsha,

This requirement can be satisfied by creating a condition table with fields including ShipTo.
E.g. condition table Material, Sales org, D channel, ShipTo
Attach this condition table to your Access sequence, in turn assign the access sequence to your pricing cond type (e.g. PR00). Also depending up the search strategy you can position this condition table, among other condition tables in the access sequence.

In VK11, create the condition records -
E.g. for SH = Mumbai, PR00 = 100$ per EA
SH = Bangalore, PR00 = 150$ per EA

In a sales order when you the price shall be populated according to your relevant SH To.

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