Re: [sap-log-sd] Item Category TAD not Defined

Posted by sgururaj
on Nov 17 at 4:33 AM
Dear Typewriter

The main issue is at the "Schedule line category' level.

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Subject: Item Category TAD not Defined

Hi Sumanth.G,

At item category level (VOV7), field Item Relev. for Dlv helps in creating a delivery note (print paper) for text and or NON deliverable items. I think Payal is trying to get a print paper of the delivery note or a delivery note for administrative purpose for a NON deliverable item. Thus the requirement is not an "actual" delivery (in the sense that shipping activities shall be done based on the delivery).

Furthermore, I do not agree with your suggestion.

The field "Billing relevance" should still be B Order related billing.

Take for example RE return process, here user can create delivery. But the billing document is created based on the order (RE). So why would user have to change the billing relevance to create a delivery? Also, it might become incorrect; if correlated with the business logic.

If some member could please explain how field "Relev. for Dlv" at item category level works, that would help this thread.

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