Re: [sap-log-sd] Error when Releasing Billing Document to Accounting

Posted by PSD Rajan (Solutions Architect)
on Nov 14 at 9:23 AM
1. Check if the billing document has a tax code. If yes, find out where
it is getting it. Usually it is from the Customer Master. Check to see if
any user exit is activated.

2. If the billing doc does not have a tax code, then it is possible that
there is a substitution rule in the FI side. It could either be in the
accounting interface (badi) or a rule in gbb1. Check that.
The system cannot derive the tax code without any reason.

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From: amit patil
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2011 1:22 AM
Subject: Error when Releasing Billing Document to Accounting

Hi Rajan,

Thanks for giving suggestion I checked in customer master there is no set
any tax code.That customer maintain at company code level.We treat that
customer as single customer for any customer because we are using IS retail
and also use 3rd system webpage thro' orders come in SAP we are using
middle ware.So placing number of customer from webpage.Hence we only create
single customer for minimize data in SAP.
In billing how its picking V0 tax code without any assignment anywhere from
where its picking.

Amit Patil
SAP SD Consultant

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