Re: [sap-log-sd] Can an Invoice Outbound IDOC Have a Negative Amount?

Posted by ameensha
on Nov 10 at 10:09 AM
HI Mya,

In an IDOC the data value of amount field is only passed and sign
of it [i.e. +ive or -ive] in a separate field. If you are using a standard IDOC
type then it is already provided by SAP. And if you wanna use a custom one
then a separate filed for the sign has to be maintained.


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Subject: Can an Invoice Outbound IDOC Have a Negative Amount?


I hope someone will have some answers or suggestions. If this is not the forum for this question, please excuse me. But I am thinking that in SD, IDOC processing is also one of the important topics.

We are sending invoices via IDOC messages with basic type INVOIC02 and an extension. I wonder if, for credit memos, the invoice amount can be sent as negative? Can the extension be modified so that the amount will show as negative? Is this even possible? Or do we need to add a field for the sign?

Thank you for any reply.

Best regards,

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