[sap-log-sd] How to Translate Remark Field in Address Email Section wihtout having to logon on into the other language?

Posted by JAB (Project Leader)
on Oct 7 at 7:01 AM
Hi all,

In the Address Screen - Communication section, there is a dialog box to enter email addresses with a default flag, no use flag and a remark. I notice that this remark is language dependent. We are in a 2 language environment. I refer to Address screen in Customer master but this apply everywhere where there is address management. If my current language is German, I cannot see the remark next to emails if the person who managed the customer master data was log in English. I see no option to translate this field, like in Text management screen for example. I know there is also a similar situation with a basic data element on the vendor screen.

Thank you for helping. Have a good day.
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