RE:[sap-log-sd] Two Invoices Generated for the Same Date

Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 7 at 6:15 AM
Hi rahul,

Billing document has header data (e.g. Terms of payment or Incoterms or....), if two line items of a delivery have different data, which shall be populated in the header data of a billing document; then the system shall create multiple billing documents (and NOT 1 billing document). This is called Invoice split.

Check and compare what information is different in both these lines w.r.t header data fields in the billing document. You could also do the below -
When you go to VF01, give your delivery #, press enter.
System shall populate 2 lines, highlight those lines and click on button Split analysis. The you can see the reason for which multiple invoice shall be created. These are called split criteria.

If business desires, additional split criteria could be setup. This can be done in copy control.

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Subject: Two Invoices Generated for the Same Date


In delivery I had two items. After doing the delivery, the system generated two invoices for the same date. For each item it created one Invoice.

Can someone tell me why this happened?


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