RE:[sap-log-sd] System Gives Same Price for Multiple Line Items in VF02 for STO Proforma?

Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 14 at 10:01 AM
Hi Sridhar,

I too thank you for updating us with the actions that resolved the issue.

Could you please tell what business requirement(s) was satisfied by using this Userexit?
I mean, during the time of implementation, your company went forward with this Userexit (Pricing_...) what was the requirement for going for it?

This information might help in our learning.

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Subject: System Gives Same Price for Multiple Line Items in VF02 for STO Proforma?

Hii All,

We did not find the cause. I raised query to OSS along with Screenshots. They found the mistake in UserExit_Pricing_Prepare_TKOMK (RV60AFZZ). They said that the problem caused by the Statements "Loop AT", "Read Table" used in the coding. Suggested to use INTO workareas. Otherwise the pointer respectively headline will be changed, causing the change of overwriting of VBRP-NETWR during saving.
ABAPER commented certainlines. Now STO Proforma Invoice working fine.

Thanks for your replies.


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