RE:[sap-log-sd] System Gives Same Price for Multiple Line Items in VF02 for STO Proforma?

Posted by sarat
on Oct 11 at 10:40 AM

Thanks an interesting concept, having different billing docs types for two transaction codes. I thought one pricing procedure exists for one billing document and it is the same document we access in both vf01 and vf02. Can you please elaborate on your suggestion?

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Subject: System Gives Same Price for Multiple Line Items in VF02 for STO Proforma?

As per the business requirement for STO proforma invoice system it has to pick the price from condition records for a particular material. I configured new Pricing procedure. In access sequest key combination are - S. org /D. channel / Billing type / Material. For STO I have done ME21N, VL10B. But in invoice VF01 system it's giving right price for multiple line items from C. records but when I go in to VF02 screen system it's giving one price for all line items. Once I select update and carry out new price and save it's giving right again. Why is this so? Please provide your suggestions.

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