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There have been some good posts by members! In addition to these posts, I want to give you some more information which might help you in your understanding.

1) "That Customer
having 10 nos of ship to party locations. So how to define and maintain in
customer master partner function"

In a partner determination procedure, user can setup if a partner function is UNIQUE or not unique.
If a partner function SP or SH is activated for UNIQUE, then you can NOT have more than 1 entry of that partner function.
SH partner function is NOT activated for unique, thus you can create multiple ship to parties.

In XD01, with account group 0001, create SP
If you have 10 SH, then you would have to create CMRs with account group 0002 (Goods recipient) in XD01, 10TIMES.
After creating these 10 SH, go to XD02, your SP CMR, there in button Sales Area Data, button Partner Functions, manually add the 10 SHs

2) "& during delivery how to choose right ship
to party location?"

During creation of delivery in VL01N you can NOT choose the SH. This shall be populated from the sales order.

In the sales order in VA01, when you give the CMR SP, system shall give a popup with ALL the SHs, The user would have to choose the correct SH.
Then in delivery creation, this SH value from sales order shall be populated.

Different item lines with different SH shall lead to delivery split.
SOrd #1
#10 M1 - SH1
#20 M1 - SH2

Delivery #10
header value = SH1
#10 M1

Delivery #11
header value = SH2
#10 M1

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