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Posted by naughtybudgie (consultant)
on Oct 27 at 6:34 PM
Excellent answer from Jeremy. Thumbs up from me. ;-)

I believe the reason why he's suggesting a debit memo request is that it is a way of billing the customer without affecting the stocks.

If you try and create the sales order, delivery and goods issue documents for those that have been delivered and not yet invoiced, you will complicate the loading of stock qtys. your legacy stock quantity will be what you physically have but you'll need to load the legacy stock value plus the quantity delivered but not yet invoiced before doing the order/delivery/goods issue. And then which period will the goods issue be posted in? no doubt the previous period to what you're going live with, then you need to look at closing the period, etc.

I hope that explains some of the potential issues.


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Subject: Setup Sales Orders in Legacy System Before GoLive

At the onset of SAP Golive; in the Legacy system 100 sales orders exist, with following details -
50 open sales orders, NO delivery created, NO billing documents created
20 sales orders with delivery created, NO billing documents created
30 sales orders with delivery and billing documents created, customer has NOT yet made the payment.

What would be the best way to set up SAP, for these 100 sales orders?

At the moment of Golive, the legacy system shall NOT be used anymore.

Many thanks, in advance!

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