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Posted by wnash7658 (SAP Specialist and Project Leader)
on Oct 7 at 11:35 PM
As Dutch has said serialization is at the Plant, and you need to review why it is different in each stor loc (warehouse). Do you have the situation where the plant actual represents many physical locations!!

Try to review a userexit that may allow you to turn of the serializtion.

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From: rahul g
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011 1:51 AM
Subject: Serial Numbers - Two Storage Locations

In plant I maintained two Storage Locations XYZ & ABC .

XYZ stock quantity is 10 (Serial number maintained).
ABC stock quantity is 8 (Serial number not maintained).
In delivery when I am doing picking from Storage Location ABC .System is taking the stock from ABC storage location and serial numbers from XYZ .

Why is this happening? Why is the system taking serial number from XYZ while doing picking from Storage Location ABC?

Help me to clarify my doubt.

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