RE:[sap-log-sd] SAP - SD - Correlated schedule lines in Sales BOMS - doesn't work for quantities - only dates?

Posted by Steve Baillargreon
on Oct 31 at 2:22 PM
Have you get a solution without APO ?

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Subject: SAP - SD - Correlated schedule lines in Sales BOMS - doesn't work for quantities - only dates?

Wanting to get "correlated schedule lines" working for Sales BOM components.
This is in the config of the item category for the BOM header item - in the "Bill of material/configuration" group box - field "create delivery group" and the setting is "A - Delivery group with correlated schedule lines".
Viz we have a BOM with 2 components A and B whcih require quantities of 1 and 3 units respectively.
I need to deliver 2 units of the BOM, so I need 2 units of comp A and 6 of comp B.
The problem we are having is if there are only 5 available of comp B, SAP does not adjust the conifrme quantity of the BOM Header or comp A. The client wishes to have it change the available quantity in this case to whole units of the BOM - viz BOM - confirm 1 unit, comp A - confirm 1 unit and comp B, confirm 3 units. This is because we have customised a special kind of Sales BOM which has price at header level and availability check and transfer of requirements at component level and wish to pick and PGI at Component level. However, I believe the error would occur for normal BOMS as well. I have done lots of searching and found 2 SAP Notes and it appears that that "correlated schedule lines" applies to dates only and not to quantities. See SAPnotes "546965 ? FAQ ? Correlation and delivery groups in SD" - Question 7 and SAPnote 167328 - Example 2.
They also seem to imply that APO can do it. (We aren't using APO).
Does anyone know any user exits / implicit enhancement points we could use or the exact place we could create an explicit enhancement point to adjust the confirmed quantity of the header of the BOM.
It seems like pgm "FV45AF0K" is where correlation is done and specifically "FV45VF0K_KORRELATION_AUFBAUENM" seems to be where a lot of the previous bug fixes have been made, so am guessing with the time I've had available that this may be the spot.
Thanks in anticipation
Derrick Scott
SD Consultant

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