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Hi Rajan,

Many thanks for sharing. You post is helpful and I have marked it as helpful.

For my understanding, the same office is creating ALL the F2 billing documents and all the IV billing documents.

1) Is the reason for creating IV billing documents across sales organizations because the sales org of a billing document is not know (during processing / creation of billing doc)?

2) Suppose 10 IV billing docs. have internal customer GER, 20 IV billing docs have internal customer FRA. Then what happens after the creation of these 30 docs in the same office? (are they sent to respective internal customers

Thank you once again!

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Subject: Inter company condition type

While we can control the billing of F2, there is no telling which sales org
has delivered the goods. So, for F2, you schedule the billing run (VF04)
specific to the sales org (NL). After a gap of about 10 minutes, schedule
another billing run ONLY for intercompany billing, leaving the sales org
blank. This will ensure that interco billing initiated by the first F2
run get processed, irrespective of delivering sales org.

My client has 42 jobs scheduled for F2 billing for different sales orgs.
Earlier, these jobs were set for both F2 as well as IV. This resulted in a
lag of a day between F2 and IV and the IVs created on the 1st day of the
month (for the F2 of the last day of the earlier month) invariably had
IDOCs stuck as unposted since the posting period for the previous month is
closed in the receiving company code. This new sequencing was my
recommendation to avoid such a situation. While this reduces such
occurrences substantially, does not totally remove the issue (when the IV
is between, say US and China). In this case, I have 42 additional runs for
only IV (with sales org blank) scheduled 10 mins after each F2 run.

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