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Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 31 at 1:29 PM
Hi Adriano,

Advice, comments from members strong in SD-FI interface would be highly beneficial to completely address your question.

I have done some tests. There are two parts to the solution.

Part 1 - With the same settings for Account determination,
- for a Credit memo G2 billing type a credit posting is done on customer receivable account and debit posting on revenue account.
- where as for F2 billing type a debit posting is done on customer receivable account and credit posting on revenue account.

What - in the system - is triggering this (manner of posting), I am not sure. Maybe it is SD document category in VOFA.
Members please clarify / explain this.

Part 2 - setting up the GL accounts,
- In your PP give Account key (e.g. ZER) for condition types ZZZZ and ZSUR
- In VKOA create condition records for Acc assignment grp CMR + acc assignment gr MMR + Account key (ZER) --> GL account

Acc Key can be created by following IMG>SD>BFunctions>Account Assignment / Costing > Revenue Account Determination>Define and Assign Account Keys

(If you choose, you could also create new Acc assignment groups for CMR and MMR too; by following the above path. - Not mandatory and depends upon how business wants the setup)

Other comment -
If company is posting accounts for PR00 and all other values of condition types; and in addition to that business wants this posting of ZZZZ and ZSUR, then you can try to have TWO account condition types (e.g. KOFI and ZKOF) and then with ZKOF have the above set up for posting credit to separate Dealer account. & KOFI would post for the total and normal billing document.

Good luck!

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From: Adriano Lopez
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Subject: Pricing Procedure for Indirect Sales

Hello Typewriter,

The credit memo request with PP as suggested by you (marked as the best answer) worked fine. But I have questions with account determination.

Please refer to your PP as follows:

#5 PR00 list price for Material X = 100

#6 ZK00 discount condition type = 10 (field "plus/minus" = negative, if it is % then you have to give that in the field "Calculation type" in the condition type in V/06; appropriate condition table with fields shall make this populate automatically)

#10 Subtotal = 100 - 10 = 90

#15 ZZK0 = 50 (field "plus/minus" = negative, The cost at which the material is sold by the Dealer to the end user)

If this is fixed - per material, per customer etc. - then appropriate cond table with fields can be made & condition records can be created in VK11

#20 ZZZZ = From #10, To #15,
thus value = 90 - 50 = 40

#25 ZSUR = From #10 (in V/06 create extra pay condition type, cal type = %
In VK11 maintain 10%, as surcharge)

#30 Subtotal 2 = From #20 To #25
thus value = 40 + 10% of 90 = 40 + 9 = 49

Client wants to debit GL1 (from step 20) for $40 and GL2 for $9 (from step 25) and credit customer's account by $49.

How to configure revenue/account determination and assign account keys?

Thank you in advance.

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