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Posted by Typewriter
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Hi Nisha k,
Thank you for this interesting thread!

Thank you for your posts!

In account determination (also for condition technique, in general) there could be TWO steps -

one, the data from master records ---> going to the sales order
two, system comparing sales order data ---> with condition records, to find the G/L account

It seems you had a problem with one -
the data from master records ---> going to the sales order

probable areas -
1) Does user have the "correct" Acc assignment group in the PY? (not SP, SH etc. etc.)
2) for MMR, Sales org and Distribution channel has to match with the Sales org, Dis channel of the sales order (VA01). also division, if configured to read the division at line itme level
2B) for CMR, Sales org., Dis channel, Division; in case of CMR and in case of sales order

Without account assignment groups (both for CMR, MMR) still account determination can take place successfully. But it has to be setup in such a way.
The business implication would be NO matter what customer or what material - ALL shall have the same G/L account.
This can be setup in VKOA.

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Subject: Incompletion log: G/L Account Missing

Hi All,

I have an incomplete log which says G\L account is missing.

Through analysis of account determination I have seen that the G\L account is missing because account assignment group was not determined in the sales order. But both my customer master and the material master have the account assignment group.

I have checked VKOA setting everything is fine here and the account determination analysis shows that the gl account is not determined because account assignment group was not determined.

Please advise if anyone has a solution here.


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