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Posted by Typewriter
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Hi Syamala,

In my previous post I mentioned - "Tax is determined by the help of delivering plant, CMR, MMR, shipto address; all these are taken from line item level."

One correction to the above is the tax classification in CMR is at header level in the sales order. (others - mentioned above - are at item level of the sales order)

Furthermore, during testing, please test, when you go to VA02 and change the sales order, either by changing the Tax classification in CMR or MMR, or by adding new line items; then the value of tax "transferred to the header table VBAK" is being correctly updated.

You might also try to create a condition table with ONE field = Tax classification CMR. And put this table in the access sequence (this acc seq is assigned to your tax condition type). Also create condition record for this condition table (i.e. Tax classification for CMR = X% of tax).

By the above set up, for a CMR - irrespective of the MMR (materials) - there shall be tax % populated. Might be that this tax value populates in the line item level, but in principle, it (tax % value) is for a CMR.

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Please suggest how to include the field Tax amount in the header of the Sales Order - VBAK. What are the configuration steps. What enhancement should I do and which user exit should I use? I am unable to figure out and this is a little urgent.

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