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Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 17 at 3:37 AM
Yes, I think this is standard functionality.
I have done some tests - an agreement type had two rebate condition types. The system could find a valid condition record for both rebate condition types. Therefore, it updated the sales volume "TWICE" (instead of one time).

The underlying concept is to NOT get a valid condition record, if you doNOT want system to accumulate the sales volume; for a particular rebate condition type.

Can you have ONE rebate condition type instead of two?
What are the descriptions (business scenarios) where you want either one of these two rebate condition types?
Maybe, you can create one rebate cond type with more number of condition tables. Thereby system shall get one valid cond record and populate sales volume one time.

So, important is BLOCK the system from getting a valid cond record and you shall block the accumulation in the sales volume for that rebate cond type.

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From: sOmar
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 12:35 AM
Subject: Inactive Condition Rebate Processing

Hi All,

I have set up my pricing in such a manner that a rebate condition (BO01) is to be excluded whenever another condition is present. Now this exclusion works correctly as BO01 appears with a yellow status in the pricing conditions.
However, when I go back to the rebate document it considers even that inactive condition in the sales volume i.e. if the inactive value was 3000 and the others were 2000 then instead of giving rebate on 2000 the rebate is given on 5000. Is this the standard behaviour? Is there any way to exclude the inactive rebate conditions from the sales volume calculation? Right now I was thinking using a custom requirement to make the condition disappear completely but that doesn't seem right to me. Any better ideas?


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