RE:[sap-log-sd] How to Create a Billing Document after Delivery is Done

Posted by balakrishna (SAP SD Functional Learner)
on Oct 13 at 6:47 AM
Hi Thanks for the detailed information. I am looking for Sales Order related billing.
I am able to create Delivery related billing after uncheck the POD in customer master as mentioned in one of my previous reply.

Kindly suggest me towards Order related billing. VF01 instead of delivery document i want to generate billing with Sales order.

Kindly suggest

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Subject: How to Create a Billing Document after Delivery is Done

Hi Balakrishna B,

I apologize for stating -
"Your Sales document type is TA (and NOT OR)"

As duely correct by Sumanth.G both TA and OR are the same.

If in VOV8, we search with button Position for TA, system gives OR
and search with button Position for OR, system gives OR

"And also i am not able to create billing document through sales order

In VTFA the copy control between F2 to OR has already been maintained, but in item level TAN is missing as you pointed out (please guide me step by step process for maintaining this)."

Do the below steps -
1) in VOV7, for TAN check field "billing relevance" should be A (delivery related)
2) in VOV8, for OR, in field "Dlv-rel. billing type" should be F2
3) in VTFL check if setup is done for -
F2 <-- LF
4) in VA01 create sales order, in VL01N create delivery, in VL02N do picking and PGI, in VF01 give delivery number and save creating a billing document.

If you have any issues please inform.

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