RE:[sap-log-sd] How to Create a Billing Document after Delivery is Done

Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 11 at 6:36 AM
Hi Balakrishna B,

I have done some tests. I have got the message you have posted, and also got many other messages.

Please follow the below instructions very carefully, hopefully your issue shall be solved -

1) WHY this error -
You are DOING Order-related billing. (i.e. in VF01 you are giving sales order number)

Your Sales document type is TA (and NOT OR)

The reason why you are getting this error is because in VTFA (copy control, from order to billing document) you have NOT maintained TAN item category.

You have maintained TA --> F2, but in item level TAN is MISSING.
This is understandable because TAN is delivery related billing, thus in copy control VTFA (from OR --> F2) TAN is NOT present.

2) WHAT to do -
In my opinion do the below - Change from Order related to Delivery related billing
a) in VOV7, for TAN, billing relevance make as A (delivery related)
b) in VTFL, copy OR --> F2, and create T2 --> F2
c) Then test - create sales order, delivery and billing document

3) Mark this post as helpful :)

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From: Balakrishna B
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 12:42 AM
Subject: How to Create a Billing Document after Delivery is Done

Hi, Still I am getting the same log message '12063 000010 item category TA TAN cannot be invoiced with billing type F2'.

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