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Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 31 at 2:47 PM
Hi Laurie,

Thank you for this helpful post. I have marked it as helpful. Could you please describe about this "third method that is scheduled to go live"? All the replies have so much of "content" and discuss this issue from multiple "perspectives" :)

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From: Laurie Crow
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Subject: How to Configure Samples-Sale Process?

We have two very different ways of handling samples to customers. One is with a discount (might be 100% or not), the other is free. We are also implementing a third method that is scheduled to go live at the first of the year. All of them are based on the financial requirements which may require new pricing conditions, a separate pricing procedure, order reasons -- we even have one separate order type. It will require a discovery process to determine the details of what your business wants from beginning to end of the order to cash process before you can begin to design the appropriate solution. All of our methods result in billing documents and utilize ATP. Some methods create demand in the PO works, some do not. It was one of the more complex elements of our implementation because Finance has pre-conceived notions of how it should be built, not just what results they wanted. Let us know when you get more details and I am sure we can help further. Good luck!

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