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It is a single instance environment for a global organization where billing
runs (VF04) are scheduled to run automatically at pre-specified times.
There is no human interaction here. Offices are mostly in different
To answer your questions... (scenario being scheduled runs and not manual.)
1) Yes, it will not be possible to know in advance the delivering
plant/sales org (even if F2 is executed manually). Plus, if IV is executed
manually, there is always a possibility of the IDoc not getting posted in
the other entity (authorization issues). The assumption (and rightly so
from a process and control perspective) is that inter-co billing is not to
be controlled at the sales org level but at the enterprise level.
2) Inter-co billing is invariably output as IDocs and are transmitted to
the respective entity immediately on creation of the IV document.
The concept of 'office' is controlled by authorizations and not physical or
geographical locations. That being so, you would need a batch id to create
the IV invoices and post the IDocs, if on a single SAP instance (the system
assumes the same user is trying to post in the other legal entity).

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Hi Rajan,

Many thanks for sharing. You post is helpful and I have marked it as helpful.

For my understanding, the same office is creating ALL the F2 billing documents and all the IV billing documents.

1) Is the reason for creating IV billing documents across sales organizations because the sales org of a billing document is not know (during processing / creation of billing doc)?

2) Suppose 10 IV billing docs. have internal customer GER, 20 IV billing docs have internal customer FRA. Then what happens after the creation of these 30 docs in the same office? (are they sent to respective internal customers

Thank you once again!

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