RE:[sap-log-sd] How to Configure Samples-Sale Process?

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on Oct 27 at 9:37 PM
Depends on the business process.

1. Do you charge a processing fee?

I would normally use an order reason with a FOC order type. Though in my current client they charge the full price for a sample.

Note, for the above you need some data to manage when the sample should return to your company and this is why I use order reason. Also be aware the customer may send a purchase order with requests for normal purchases + sample together.


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There might be two options (processes) to send samples to a customer.

1) FD --> LF
with KLN item category without pricing, relevance for billing

2) LO
Directly creating deliveries without creating sales orders.
with relevant item category and schedule line category to "accommodate" samples process (i.e. free, no billing, no transfer of requirement or availability check).

Could you please guide me with - based on your realtime experience - which would be the better way to go forward?

Many thanks, in advance!

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