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Posted by sOmar (m)
on Oct 3 at 3:34 AM
Hi Typewriter

The test I did was without accrual and I had two condition lines one with 0% and one with the actual discount. The SalesVolume also shows two lines one for each condition with their own condition base value. However, the Scale Base Value sums up both of them and showing up the total as I want in the Sales Volume Screen. In the Verification level it is only showing the items for the condition which has the discount. When I settle the rebate it takes the amount based on the sales volume and issues the credit memo accordingly.

Thanks for the help!

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Subject: Excluding Items from Rebate Discount Calculation

Hi All,

Here is the problem that I am trying to solve using SD Rebate Agreement. We have an agreement with a customer on that if the customer buys more than $5,000 worth of items they would get an additional 5% discount. Up to this point I am able to solve using SD Rebate with scales. Now however, the complexity arises that this additional discount should be given to only certain materials and not all (indicate by their material pricing group).

To summarize I need to setup the rebate in a way where while the volume is calculated based on all sales to the rebate recipient the % discount is only applied to certain material e.g. if the total sales volume is 7000 of which 4000 are of discountable material then the customer should get 4000 x 0.05 = $200 since the total volume is greater than 5,000.

Does anybody have suggestions on how to solve this?

Thanks for the help.

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