RE:[sap-log-sd] Deliveries (LF) of RO Process and OR Process; Should be Clearly Differentiated

Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 1 at 4:09 PM
Hi Sarat,

An extract from my previous post to you -
"Thus here both delivery types shall have different descriptions and different number ranges. Adding to that, different shipping points and routes. To make it clear for the delivery admistration staff which deliveries are for Std process and whic deliveries are for Express (rush order) process."

I have mentioned that we would go for different number ranges. :)

For delivery administration staff, in VL01N it should be clear (std delivery or express dlv), only after entering all information and saving; do they see the delivery number. Thus the description - at the top of the screen, in bold is more beneficial at the moment when processing is taking place and a delivery # has not yet been generated.

So, to conclude, Yes we would go for different number ranges too.

Thank you for your help and questions!

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From: Sarat Sathuluri
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Subject: Deliveries (LF) of RO Process and OR Process; Should be Clearly Differentiated

Thank you so much for sharing.

But was a bit curious why you cant use different number ranges, in addition to what you are doing now. That would make it even better to differentiate the SOs and process the expresses ones faster.

Warm regards,

"Your attempt may fail, but never fail to make an attempt."

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