Re: [sap-log-sd] Deliveries (LF) of RO Process and OR Process; Should be Clearly Differentiated

Posted by sarat
on Oct 1 at 3:25 PM
Thank you so much for sharing.

But was a bit curious why you cant use different number ranges, in addition to what you are doing now. That would make it even better to differentiate the SOs and process the expresses ones faster.

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Subject: Deliveries (LF) of RO Process and OR Process; Should be Clearly Differentiated


The main issue here was the lack of clear difference in VL01N screen with regards to delivery description - standard deliveries and express deliveries - for the delivery administrative staff.

The thing that satisfied their needs were
- two different delivery types with different descriptions, which featured on the top as bold font.
- different shipping points with description, in the initial VL01N screen

If the warehouse would not have the provision for a separate "space" for starting point for express deliveries. I would not have gone for a new shipping point. So, I clarified that with the WH manager.
Rather I would ONLY go for different delivery type.
In that case shipping condition would be the same and creation of new sales document type would suffice.

The above information is communicated with a view of "exchange of ideas", that might lead to our better understanding and thereby better serving our clients.
Please feel free to give your comments.

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