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Posted by naughtybudgie (consultant)
on Oct 4 at 6:53 AM

In order to have previous sales in the system as mentioned by others you probably need the invoices created as well as this is typically the best thing for creating return orders with reference to.

To do this in my mind is an incredibly complicated process... if the documents are going to be the same as live orders/invoices then these documents will post to FI and you'll need to coordinate a bunch of FI postings into the correct previous periods.

Or alternatively you might have different document types that would have different pricing procedures that do not perform any account postings. But when copied back into a return order will have the same conditions to price correctly.

This is why in over 15 years I've never seen it done. A process such as Elizabeth explained is used.

I suggest the process also has a step where the return order is approved by someone so this assures that the order is created correctly (i.e. pricing correct per original invoice etc) before being processed further.

Hope this helps.

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Subject: Data Migration of Closed Sales Orders


I am on a project wherein we are setting up a new SAP System (this is not
fresh SAP Implementation). Users have requested to migrate closed Sales
Orders to the new SAP System. May I know whether this is possible? If yes,
then may i know the approach, the DOs and Donts, please.

Appreciate your help.

Kind Regards,

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