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Posted by ChrisO (Mr)
on Oct 19 at 10:11 AM
We couldn't find anything standard in our system (R3, 4.7) so we built a relatively simple query using tables:

KNA1 Customer Master General Data
KNVV Customer Master Sales Data
KNB1 Customer Master Company Code Data

...which represent the the three main views of the customer master, as accessed via T-Code XD01, joined together with...

KNVP Customer Master Partner Functions

... to allow a relationship between sold-to and ship-to to be more clear.

There are dozens of other tables of customer master data (most notably credit control, VAT, dunning, and bank details, but also tax, shipping, licenses, loading points, etc.) that you could also try to attach but the query would become too unwieldy to operate. You could also try using the logical database VDF but this only contains table KNA1 and KNB1 of those listed above.

Your T-code /SIE/ASP_FI_MASTER is probably specific to your company (as the suggested VCUST T-code is probably to the company of the person who proposed it).

Hope this helps,

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From: Elizabeth Long
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 3:51 AM
Subject: Customer Master Data Report

Hi all,

May I know if there is any T-code that can extract all Customer Master Data for both 'Sold-To-Party' and 'Ship-To-Party'?

I used T-code "/SIE/ASP_FI_MASTER" but it only display those 'Sold-To-Party' customers'.

Please help.


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