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Posted by Typewriter
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If you want the system to populate the value (of a condition type) in the sales order, for a MMR; then the system MUST find a valid condition record (for that condition type) for that MMR.

Case 1 - M1, PR00 = 10Euros
M2, PR00 = 20Euros
Then, user needs to create two condition records; one for M1 and another for M2

Case 2 - M1 and M2, PR00 = 15Euros
Then you can have "Material pricing group" as one of the fields of your condition table & create a condition record - for MPG1, PR00 = 15Euros
By doing this you only need to create ONE condition record.
In each of the MMRs you shall have to give MPG1 as material pricing group in MM02, Tab Sales: sales org 2

So, depending upon your business requirements; settings / configuration can be done in the system - to ascertain prices at WHICH level
(i.e. at individual MMR level or go higher and at Material group level)

ps - same concept can be applied to CMR and price list or price group.

If your question is not answered then please give some examples.

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Subject: Condition Record for All Material

Hi Gurus,

For different types of material, is it necessary to maintain condition record for all Materials? Is there any provision to maintain common condition record for all material? If yes, then what is the setting that has to be done?

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