RE:[sap-log-sd] Cash Sales Order Saved Without Delivery

Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 16 at 3:42 PM

1) Create a cash sale order now and most probably you shall see that at the time of saving the cash sale order, a delivery shall also be created.

2) Yesterday (16th - Oct) you created a cash sale order, but because 16th Oct was Sunday / a holiday; delivery date given by system was 17th-oct.
When system gave delivery date as 17th-oct, then on 16th-oct cash sale order was created and delivery was NOT created.

What you should have done - also advised in my previous post - Go to VA02, item level, tab Schedule lines, in delivery date change from 17th-oct to 16th-oct and then save the cash sale order.
The change what you have done MANUALLY is that you have instructed the system to create a delivery on 16th-oct.
Thereby when you saved the cash sales in VA02, system would have made a delivery automatically.

Try out 1 and inform us.

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I Checked the schedule line, the date is mentioned as 17 and the delivery date also 17. I'm facing this problem from yesterday 16th. Any other alternatives please.


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