RE:[sap-log-sd] Block the Sales Document for Billing

Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 28 at 3:59 AM
Hi Dutch,

I agree that there are some differences in the setup of billing and delivery blocks.

But, the 2-step process is valid for BOTH billing block and delivery block.
To have delivery block at header level (of sales order), the assignment of delivery block HAS to be done to the delivery type.

What I meant, with my previous post was as follows -

Delivery block 02 NOT assigned to LF. Schedule line category CN has delivery block 02.
OR sales doc type, sales order is created; user wants to create a LF type, delivery. The system does allow the creation of delivery. Even if delivery block is NOT assigned to delivery type.

Billing block 01 is NOT assigned to F2. But item category TAN has billing block.
OR sales doc type, sales order is created; user creates delivery & picking, PGI; user wants to create F2 billing document; system ALLOWS user to create that billing document, even if in the sales order in the item level there is a billing block.

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Subject: Block the Sales Document for Billing

Hi TW,
Delivery blocks and billing blocks have different configuration requirements as they have different purposes. A sales document may need to be blocked for regular invoicing but may still need to allow a pro-forma invoice. This is the reason why billing block set-up is a 2-step process (create the block and assign to billing types). But there is no such thing as a pro-forma delivery.

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