RE:[sap-log-sd] Be able to enter a Serial Number (Field SERNR) bigger than 18 characters (need 30)

Posted by edshortt (Sr. SAP Consultant)
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Guys, the client is a distributor/reseller , so, we could not control the serialization provided by the vendors (More than 40 different vendors). We just did an analysis of the different serial numbers provided in the past, and 40 characters is a normal occurrence and not something we could change, as we need to provide sometimes "current inventory" information back to those vendors. Like I said before, I tried to use other fields on the equipment master, but nag field I could come up with, is not friendly enough to be able to scan it when doing GR/GI or show it on standard inventory reports.

I just wanted to know of other ideas outside of custom enhancement.

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From: Ed Shortt
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 11:39 AM
Subject: Be able to enter a Serial Number (Field SERNR) bigger than 18 characters (need 30)

I wanted to find out if anybody has successfully implemented a solution or if
there are any ideas of how to handle the requirement of having an SAP
Serial Number bigger than 18 characters (Need is aprox 30 characters)

We already ruled out the option of increasing the size of the GERNR data
element, as we know from past experience and from SAP people comments
that such solution creates a lot of problems in other areas.

I thought about using the 'Manuf.SerialNumber" field (ITOB-SERGE) and
although I think this will work
there is not a nice user friendly flow of entering those serial numbers
during Goods Receipt unless you go into the
equipment master for each
(user may do a GR with 100 serial numbers to enter at once with 2000 orders a month
so it is not a viable solution unless we provide capability to scan-entry)

I though about the option of defining a Conversion Routine to point to the
SERGE field instead of the GERNR
but my technical knowledge is not that good to explain the requirement
(plus I am not sure if it is the correct solution)

So basically, I will like to hear other ideas from other people and of
course, if there is a particular SAP industry solution
that could provide such serial number bigger than 18 (aprox 30 characters
is needed) and I do not re-invent the wheel

Hope this makes sense and thanks for any feedback,

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