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Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 17 at 5:46 PM
Very good comment Sarat!
I too wanted to ask -
- Please describe the difference between Fund - 1 and Fund -2?
- What is Fund? and how many funds does the business have / want to have?


The concept of rebate is same, if we see from a higher level.
It is not fitting the business requirement 100%, as you describe it. But you can "discuss and convince" the client to go for standard rebate agreement functionality.

How is rebate functionality satisfying the business requirements (at a higher level) -
- Accrual is done by the system, with the sales of materials
- When customer places an order for $12, at that time he pays $12. But later on he shall get that money back, via credit memo created from the rebate agreement. Thus customer is getting the money back but at a later stage, than desired in the business requirement.
- When customer desires $3 back, this can be given via credit memo too.

The benefits of sticking to standard rebate agreement functionality and going for simplicity less errors, less testing requirement, less costs (because less customization), less maintenance, less training during staff transfer.

Give a try to explain the customer / client with regards to standard rebate agreement.

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Here is the business requirement, I repeat again:
1) For buying products from the client, customers accrue Fund-1 at the rate of 5% and Fund-2 at the rate of 10%. So, after buying material X for $100, Fund-1 balance is $5 and Fund - 2 balance is $10 for customer Y. Customers can buy any materials and earn the fund.

2) Later, customers can place orders and use the fund to buy any materials they wish. So, in above scenario, customers can place orders for $12 worth of materials and use the Fund-1 fully ($5) and Fund-2 partially ($7) to pay for. Thus, Fund-1 is fully utilize and Fund-2 still has a positive balance of $3. Customer can even request check for $3 to redeem the Fund-2 remaining balance.

Can you rationalize SAP Rebates to address this requirement?

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