Re: [sap-log-sd] TAS not Triggering in SO

Posted by sgururaj
on Oct 13 at 4:08 AM
Dear Typewriter

The Item Cat TAS got "triggered" in the SO (not manually) after some time.



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Subject: TAS not Triggering in SO

Hi Sumanth. G,

I agree with Vamsi, your statement - "The TAS got triggered later. Maybe, some problem with system or server." is not convincing :)

(i am imagining, also based on your posts) first system automatically triggered TAK, and later on TAK was replaced by TAS? This does not look possible or logical :)

If you could give more explanation about what was the cause of the error (s), it would be a learning for all.

Furthermore, the settings for item category populating by default in sales order, is quite straight forward.

ps - these kind of real-time unexpected behavior are a good source of learning.

Thank you, in advance!

I have marked your post as helpful.

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