Re: [sap-log-sd] System Gives Same Price for Multiple Line Items in VF02 for STO Proforma?

Posted by PSD Rajan (Solutions Architect)
on Oct 11 at 2:38 PM
TW, As you presumed correctly, the system is doing a re-derivation at the
time of saving the document - whether it is VF01 or VF02. I would assume
this may be related to some custom code.

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Subject: System Gives Same Price for Multiple Line Items in VF02 for STO Proforma?


1) "but when I go in to VF02 screen system it's giving one price for all line items."
System must be taking this "one price" from a condition record. Please inform what are the fields of the condition table for this condition record.

Is the above condition table different from the "correct" condition table?

2) Once I select update and carry out new price and save it's giving right again."
Apart from clicking on button "Update", what OTHER things you are changing? (pricing date, condition records....?)
With OUT changing ANYTHING why is the system giving different values of condition records?
This is not logical behavior by the system.

3) Create a sales order and then check for VF01 and VF02. Is the system giving the same issue for a sales order too?

4) In the above case (STO proforma), in VF02 try using other Pricing types like G, F and see what are the results.

Please inform us.

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