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Posted by jim-wolfe
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I'm not able to follow your example, and I still stand by my original opinion if you use group pricing with a routine that based on overall value and scale basis on value. If you have a group condition routine that is based on the overall document value, and the scales are based on value, the lines that are entered at the beginning of order entry that do not push the value over the threshold into the next scale bracket do not automatically get updated when the next line is added that does push the value over the threshold. Even if you go into header pricing, you won't (or at least I don't) see the updated scale condition value until you press update. This is what I'm seeing in testing and this is what I've understood during the 15+ years I've worked in pricing.

I think we've beaten this issue up enough, so let's move on to something more productive.

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I have tested this, please see the details of the test. And give your comments.

K029, group routine 1
from 1Kg E1000- per kg
from 3Kg E500- per kg
from 6Kg E200-per kg

M1, M2 are in Material pricing gr. 01

In VA01, line items -
#10 M1 2EA (thus 2Kg)
Header K029 value = 2X1000 = 2000Euros -

#20 M3 10EA (thus 10Kg)
Header K029 value = 2X1000 = 2000Euros -

#30 M2 3EA (thus 3Kg)
Header K029 value = 5X500 = 2500Euros -

Delete #10
Header value K029 value = 3X500 = 1500Euros -

All the above is without clicking on Update i.e. without clicking for recalculation.
Thus system is recalculating automatically, by taking all the line items in the sales order. And process with the help of group condition routine, condition records.

Please test it and give your comments.

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