Re: [sap-log-sd] How to Create a Billing Document after Delivery is Done

Posted by sapuser_india123
on Oct 13 at 8:09 AM
Dear Balakrishna,

All you have done was only this that you might have activated the POD time
frame under the XD01, because of which the system was not generating the
billing document as the system required the POD confirmation from the
customer side which on its turn would have automatically accomplished once
the target POD time frame, has been crossed.
So in such cases there are two options in front of you:
a) Either you do not activate the POD timeframe while in practice. or,
b) If the business has got the scenario of POD then you need to wait till
the POD time frame

OR else while practicing you can use a trx.code VLPOD and check the POD
confirmation tab there, which will allow you to generate your billing

*Conclusion: *The tcode VLPOD holds solution to your problem.


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TA is a partner function. Usually you get an error when you haven't don't partner determination for your sales document. But in that case, it won't even allow you to enter sold to party. Check partner determination for billing,


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