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Hi Rita,

The logic is very simple. Check with your condition types. There are many
condition types for free goods where you can find the reply to your query
for e.g. with use of certain cond. types the free goods line item are not
going to be displayed in the order while saving the order but the billing
will show the effect, mostly it happens in case of inclusive free goods. Now
check for the type of free goods determination your company follows i.e.
whether inclusive or exclusive.


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From: Rita Patel
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 8:07 AM
Subject: Determine the Free Goods TAAN While Creating Standard Order (OR)

Hi Everyone:

Since my question is related to free good automatic determination.

Please kindly help on this, thanks so much:

My business has set up new requirement:

(1) My business has maintain table like:
NB Carrying Case Table
Standard Settings…
Country Sales Org Sales Office Carry Case
Singapore SG90 SG20 30R5017
Malaysia MY10 MY20 30R5017
Thailand TH10 TH20 30R5017

Mainly sales office tiggers free good.

2)NB Exception 1 (MTM)
Exceptions: My business has set some exception as well. Like below:

Material Carry Case
7674DV3 41A4668
7674HT1 41A4668
7674HT2 41A4668
7674HT3 41A4668
7674HT4 41A4668

(2) When they drop order in system, the free goods can be get automatically determined. Need a logic please.

Option solution:
(1) When business update the table, as-is free good table by sales office level is updated accordingly
(2) When business drop order in system, free goods can be determined according to these new table directly
Need a logic please

If you can send me your personal e-mail I will send you the process flow.


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