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Posted by sapuser_india123
on Oct 14 at 8:18 AM
I too agree with Vinay and Srinivas.

But then it depends upon you that whether you want to block the customer or
only want to block the delivery for the customer, because there are many
factors based on which you block one particular customer regarding credit
check or due to any other reason. But for every reason the system has got a
separate functionality; so this also matters for what specific reason you
want to block the customer because if you are having a scenario for e.g.
credit management then you only have to configure the system for this and
rest will all be done automatically by the system itself.
Hence it needs to be mentioned for what specific purpose you want to block
the customer.
Because you can simply block the customer by going to XD02 also where you
don't have to change the customer data but simply need to block the data by
going to the extras tab.


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From: srinivas y
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Subject: Delivery Block

hi ,

i agree with Vinay. as he suggested , the blocking Customer level is best
option i hope. in XD05 you can block that particular customer for all sales
areas or particular sales area . and also Sales Order or Delivery or Billing
block you can set up there. you can do it document level also , but then it
is not customer specific, it will be transaction specific for all the

let me know if you find a solution.


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