RE: [sap-log-sd] Data Migration of Closed Sales Orders

Posted by leadermimi
on Oct 13 at 12:41 PM
Hi there,
I also have real-life experience in the business working for
Procter & Gamble companies for almost 10 years. This issue is one I am
passionate about an was always a struggle for me more from a performance /
training perspective as a customer service manager of a call center. When
creating returns, credits, debits, and even replacement orders in SAP I
prefer the approach to create with reference to the previous document
(billing document or sales document). The reason is because when a customer
calls a large call center for a credit, instead of review the account
history in VA05 to check for all of the various credits for that particular
material, if you create the subsequent document using original / previous
document number, you will get a message stating that a return has already
been created for that material and the quantity on the previous returns.
This avoids over-crediting customers and reduces end-user research time for
the next person who has to work in the account.

Also, it is my understanding that creating with reference is standard SAP -
something one can do easily from multiple screens in SAP. When you create
the return, create with reference, then you'll be taken to a screen with
various tabs on the types of documents you can create with reference to,
select the tab for the type of document, then enter your reference document
#, then select the items and qtys from the next screens.)

I hope this helps.



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Very good post! Thank you!
Highlighting the potential financial impact of various "actions" is something that a SD consultant must always keep in his/her mind.
The alternative you have given are a good exercise to think and theoretically explore.

Thank you!

P.S. - I have marked both your posts as helpful.
I have also marked the post by subodh as helpful.

I have one question, please advise based on your real-time experiences.

A company goes for SAP implementation.
For the first 6 months, RE return orders are created withOUT reference. (This is configured / setup in SAP)
After 6 months, it is evident that RE return order could be made with reference to billing documents.
Now business desires to stop the process of RE withOUT reference and to implement RE with reference to billing document.
1) What are the main steps to fulfill this desire/requirement in SAP?
2) How does a SAP SD consultant go about it?

Many in advance.

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