[sap-log-sd] Invoice Amount/ Last Three Digits are Getting Deleted after the Barcode Scan

Posted by 0308RaviRaj (Associate consultant- SAP SD)
on Sep 21 at 7:57 AM
Hello Experts..

Kindly advise on the following situation.

Description- in vv31 we have maintained ZHEO Output which is having bar code in it. So once the invoice gets generated the bar code gets generated which gets scaned at the customers gate & the fields like ex invoice number & date, purchase order number & amount gets entered in customers sap system.

Issue is- the last 3 digits of the amount are getting cut. for eg 238,821.00 is showing while creating the invoice. But when customer scans it at the gate the amount is coming as 238,82.

What could be the possible reason & how to correct it?


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